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Professional Exterior and Interior House Paint.

House Painting Services by New Paint Pro.

Home Repairs and Painting Project Help.

Hilo Hawaii Home Painted Looking Like New.

Does New Paint Pro Do Repairs? Yes We Do.

New Paint Pro offers Professional Painting Services.

Professional Interior and Exterior House Painting Services

Paint Pro offers professional exterior and interior House Painting services to locations on the Big Island Of Hawaii. We take great pride in our quality fresh coat painting and our customers high 5 STAR Hawaii reviews. Click the picture below to learn more about the types of painting we offer.

house painting pro number (808) 480-1535
Home painting pro number (808) 480-1535

House Painting Services by New Paint Pro

We provides a range of custom interior and exterior painting services, allowing for a easy, seamless experience with exceptional results in every home.
Whether you’re having your Hilo Hawaii two-story exterior updated or refreshing the paint in your homes interior rooms, the Paint Pro Team approaches every home painting project with an eye for detail.

Let Help You with Your Home Repairs and Painting Projects

House Painting Services
House Painting Services

Our exterior house painting professionals at New Paint Pro know just how to handle your house painting and repair needs. Say goodbye to bulging, cracks, and brown lines. We will work our magic, replace any damaged exterior, and have your freshly painted home looking like new in no time.

Your Hilo Home Painted Looking Like New

Because we like to keep our Big Island customer service personal, our locally-owned and operated Hilo team will work with you to determine what repairs your home needs.

All this at a price you can afford.

Does New Paint Pro Do Repairs?

Cracks appear due to the gradual shifting of your building and the rain forest’s seasonal weather patterns. Our expert painters can evaluate the different kinds of cracks and identify their cause. We repair all cracks in the surfaces, ensuring greater paint sealed house.

New Paint Pro Delivers Professional Painting

Wood, aluminum or vinyl siding can take on a worn and faded appearance over time in Hilo, Hawaii. For homeowners looking to freshen up the exterior of their island home or simply try out a new color, we deliver exceptional professional wood, aluminum and vinyl siding painting for a very reasonable price.

We provide the highest quality for all Homeowners in and around Hilo, HI!

We pride our company on finding/employing professionally trained, highly skilled and reputable painters and pressure washing pros who have the experience and expertise to deliver beautiful results on a variety of different painting jobs. We can help with any information on: New Paint PRO, Island Painters and near Hilo certified commercial painting.

Whether your home is in need of exterior house painting, interior home painting, wood fence painting, or deck paint seal, the New Paint Pros are committed friendly, knowledgeable professionals who are ready to help and who offer the best quality painting results that can be found in the Hilo, Hawaii area!

Professional Quality Painting Solutions for All Homeowners in the Hilo, HI Area!

With so many painting services available, New Paint Pros can be a trusted solution for your home’s customized painting needs. Of course, no two Hawaii painting services are exactly the same and so we are proud to offer homeowners like you a free, comprehensive house painting estimate by local Hilo contractor.

House Painting Categories:

Contact us today to reserve your free estimate and discuss your house painting service needs? During this estimate you’ll find out the costs, materials, time frames, info on House painting and warranty information specific to your home’s painting and to your preference.

Interior Painting Pro

Interior painting can make a huge difference in your homes feel, the comfort of those who live in it, and even the value of your property as a whole! Interior painting services from small touch-ups and accent painting all the way to full interior house painting services! If you’re looking to give your home a brand new feel without breaking the bank on remodeling services then it’s time to contact us for reliable, professional, and beautiful interior painting results! The best in all HI for island painters and commercial painting.

Exterior Painting Pro

Homeowners around islands who hire New Paint Pro to improve their property’s exterior appearance can expect to be satisfied whether they need small improvements like fence or door painting or much more elaborate house painting services like full-scale exterior house painting and deck sealing and painting. Exterior painting is the most visible home remodeling projects possible and can completely change the look and feel of a home when done professionally. Contact us about your east Big Island exterior house painting project and/or any painting needs today!

Roof Painting Pro

Have an existing metal roof that needs paint? Call a Roof Painting PRO to ask how we can improve and refresh your roof painting to its original natural finish. Enjoy longevity and beauty combined when you repaint metal Roofing. With a record of over 100 or so painted roofs throughout East Hawaii a year, we are highly-skilled metal roofing painting contractor who specializes in working with you from start to finish.

Deck Painting Pro

How calculate the average cost of deck painting in Hawaii? How to save hundreds of dollars in Hawaii when painting decks? How much does it generally costs to hire professional deck painters in Hawaii? How to estimated cost of paint supplies for painting a deck on the Big Island? When talking about paint costs for a particular deck painting project, it all comes down to the square footage and how much prep work supplies are requires to finish the job correctly.